Yinka Taiwo-Peters, WG' 2020

YTPshop is a contemporary African-inspired fashion brand for women and is designed by Yinka Taiwo-Peters, a Nigerian immigrant in the U.S. All YTPshop products are ethically handcrafted by female artisans in Nigeria and the prints are carefully sourced from West African markets. Keeping the clothing production in Nigeria helps to grow the local economy and keep our products authentic. Every YTPshop product is truly a gift to the artisans, whose families depend on their fair wages, in the motherland. YTPshop is based and ships worldwide from the U.S. 


Why did you decide to pursue this venture? 

After many years of gifting my friends with chic African-inspired clothing, Yinka started YTPshop to share her love for African fashion with the world. Beyond an apparel brand, YTPshop aims to broaden the African narrative by providing a lens into the fashion culture and economically empower the gifted women, who handcraft each piece in Nigeria. YTPshop is proudly an all-woman team and black-owned. 

How can alumni support your venture? 

Use code WHARTON for an exclusive discount off the entire store. Refer YTPshop to press outlets, gift guide curators and other partnerships. 

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