Oladipupo Ayoola (WG' 22) - Business: Plugtent

  • Overview
    • Plugtent is a platform that connects brands with the right creators to promote their products seamlessly and effectively. We are a contemporary platform born out of the need for a more efficient, effective, and transparent pathway for influencer marketing. Our mission is to enable brands and creators to forge meaningful connections that inspire, engage, and drive growth. Our innovative tools and services empower brands to discover the right influencers in no time, while our creators enjoy a dedicated platform that opens new growth opportunities. But our work doesn’t stop at connecting brands with creators. We also ensure smooth collaboration, transparent communication, and thorough campaign analytics for robust post-campaign evaluation. Plugtent is democratizing influencer marketing, allowing creators and brands of all sizes to join our platform at zero subscription fees, ensuring that both parties have all the tools and resources they need to seamlessly create value that drives growth for both brand and creators.
  • Why did you decide to pursue this venture? 
    • Being a small fashion creator myself, i struggled to find brands to collaborate with for promotion deals. So when my friends approached me with the idea of Plugtent, it was almost a no-brainer decision to join them in building a product that truly democratizes influencer marketing, ensuring every brand – no matter its size or niche – can benefit from the power of authentic creator content, while every creator can find fitting collaborations that can help them grow.  Plugtent embraces a broad spectrum of voices and interests, forging an inclusive space for brands and creators across industries. We’ve streamlined the process of matchmaking, providing smart, data-driven solutions that make discovery and collaboration a breeze. As a person of color, i'm excited to be building a community that fosters inclusion, creativity and diversity in an industry where all three are critical power wheels to drive sustainable growth.
  • What has the journey been like? 
    • Me and my Cofounders have convinced ourself of an important fact - "Plugtent is not just the future of influencer marketing – we are the present, unfolding before the eyes of the world". The journey has been one of a beautiful unfolding, despite many operational challenges. We've gone from taking the idea from our minds and translating it into product designs. We've now assembled a small team of engineers and marketing experts to support the product development and go to market activities. In a little over six months, we currently have an MVP which we're using to validate product demands via a beta test with 500 creators and a number of brands. We've received great feedback in general about product need and we're seeing traction on our social media following (now at 1000+) and website visits.
  • How can alumni support? 
    • As a Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer for Plugtent, I am currently focused on our Sales, Marketing and Fundraising.
      I am seeking Alumni support on the following:

      1. Marketing: Please share Plugtent with your network in marketing agencies or who run SMEs and are trying to find more effective ways for their brands to collaborate with creators.
      2. Fund raising: We're looking for opportunities to land non-dilutive and equity funding. Please connect us with opportunities within your network of accelerators, fellowships and investors.

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