Angela Frazier McTair, WG '05 - Harlem Zen

Please provide an overview of your current business venture.
Harlem Zen is the first professional skincare franchise to focus on the needs of skin of color. 

Why did you decide to pursue this venture?   
Skincare is the final frontier in beauty.
Currently many of our target consumer base believe that they cannot have access to safe and effective professional skincare solutions because these treatments are not optimized for deeper skin tones. 

What has the journey been like?
The journey has been long and circuitous but the many stops along the way prepared me for the variety of hats I wear today. 

How did Wharton prepare you for this journey?
I came to Wharton as a skincare scientist and beauty enthusiast with entrepreneurial interests. Wharton gave me the hard skills to be able to run a successful business, think lean and maximize profit without detracting from the client experience. 

How can alumni support your venture?
The best way WG alums can support is to consider franchising a Harlem Zen in your local city! If not, come to NYC or ATL to get a service, or buy a gift certificate for someone you love.