Alli Myatt (WG' 06) - Business: The Equity Practice

  • Overview
    • The Equity Practice is a racial equity consulting firm that supports organizations to infuse liberatory principles into their talent practices so that everyone can thrive. (For more info on what I mean by liberatory principles check out my article in Harvard Business Review: Much of our work focuses on establishing strong relationships and culture, and operating from a place of reciprocity, which creates more psychological safety, helps teams de-bias, and improves performance.
  • Why did you decide to pursue this venture? 
    • I attended an OpEd Project workshop on Juneteenth 2020, and realized the world might benefit from my knowledge about how to infuse liberatory principles into talent practices so everyone can thrive. We launched The Equity Practice that summer with the intention of it being a side hustle. The universe had other ideas and it's been my main hustle since 2021!
  • What has the journey been like? 
    • Woo! Entrepreneurship is something else! There are so many ups - it's exciting to take a blank page, create something, put it out into the world and see people buy it. And there have been plenty of lows - revenue goes up and down, and at times it can feel very risky. Business development has been challenging recently given the tumultuous political environment targeting DEI programs. I'm grateful that I am able to do the work that I do. I love seeing people think differently about power, identity, and how work should be done. I've loved seeing people taking articles I've written and redesign their orgs around them. I've learned so much about equity, identity, liberation, people, and myself.
  • How can alumni support? 
    • If your business or organization would like support to make ACTIONABLE change in your organization for diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and frankly, liberation, we'd welcome a conversation. We support orgs through training, capacity building and consulting.

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